Do we live what we do? What do we live for?

What makes us happy? We understand the difference between happiness and joy, but we see no difference between joy and work.

How do we become peaceful? We know that peace is not an aim to achieve, but rather the way of being at every moment, always at work.

What is the purpose of living? We see the value in knowing the purpose of living, but we find it imperative to live it by the work.

How do we grow? We find growth not in measures, but in inner experience, and in the way we contribute to humanity through work.

How does consciousness evolve? We see the history of evolution, but we realize that the consciousness evolves through daily life+work.

What you will contribute to?

We launch four online film festivals over two years and work year round to discover films, filmmakers and new collaborations. Participation in festival organizing team helps cultivate internet-research-skill; knowledge of seen/unseens films, media productions and socio-cultural-spiritual subjects; communication-skill; documentary/media aesthetics; patience, passion for social change and mind-body endurance; but above all it helps cultivate global perspective on current life and human culture.

The four festivals are: We Speak, Here; Humanity Explored; Green Unplugged and Spirit Enlightened. These festivals explore the present forms of individual being, the currents of our collective humanity, the earth/nature/environment, as well as the eternal spirit & enlightened consciousness. With these festivals we aspire to facilitate the divine impulse to shift our collective consciousness and co-create our culture and nature, within and without, that leads our present to the awaiting future.

These festivals are non-commercial and open. If you wish to learn about the current festival, please visit here.

Contribution to these festivals requires passion for new media, films, documentaries, story.tellers; proficiency in English language and commitment of minimum 6 months. This duration would serve as the mutual evaluation period. Upon completion of six months, the relationship could extend to two years or longer. A devotional approach to work is imperative as you would be spending most of the time on the computer, doing research, reviewing the internal database, communicating with the story.tellers across the globe via email/skype or watching films/documentaries. Creative thinking would be required to perform the research to discover suitable films/documentaries/talks for each festival.

Accurate sharing of knowledge, experience and aspirations in life is must to ensure harmonious relationship with work and we certainly encourage clarity and long-term approach to joining this mission. Above all, this would require ability to perceive work and life not as separate but as one spiritual expression of life in you.

How you will devote to?

We encourage you to ask where your passion in life is at this phase of your journey. If it is fully, and not partly, aligned with Culture Unplugged mission, you will experience harmony. Your passion will be strengthened by the passion of the rest of the team, which would help harmonize expectations, dreams and daily needs of the mission and personal lives.

We intend to create a culture where devotion and sincerity for the life purpose/mission becomes real experience. Hence, if you have desire to explore the geography of the region or need to spend your evenings in urban social environments, you may be disappointed as the transport to the city or the time to travel to other towns/cities would not be easily available.

With our aspiration to pursue spiritual direction in life, we believe in and expect true devotion to the work before us–that is, without judgment of what it requires from whom. For us, we are the primary family and friends to each other and so the time is either spent in the company of everyone here or in solitude. When conflict among us arises, we resolve it with clear communication, mindful space, respect, kindness and above all creativity. In short, finding joy and calm in all circumstances is true prayer to us.


Meditation & Exercise: 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM (Before breakfast, in a group or on your own.)

8:00 AM to 8:30 AM, Monday through Saturday
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, Sunday

At Work:
9:00 AM, Monday through Saturday (2nd and 4th Saturdays are off)

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, Monday through Sunday (time varies only for patients per Doctor’s advice)

Tea/Coffee Break:
3:00 PM / 3:30 PM

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Sunday (time varies only for patients per Doctor’s advice)

Satsanga / Socializing / Meditation / Movie:
8:00 PM Monday through Friday

At Rest:
10:00 PM

Why ‘Dincharya’ (daily routine)?

As we all live together and share the space, each ought to remember that “we have come together to forgo our old separate selves and be the new best self we can be.

Please review and share your voice regarding the Dincharya. In respect to the individual needs and the ultimate aim to achieve harmony among the people on campus, it is a spiritual duty to share in earnest your preferences, requirements or strength/weakness of the will.

Any such structure can only serve well, if the aim to adhere to spiritual sadhana is upheld by every member, and individual differences are integrated within that.