How to discover synthesis of meanings in life?

Culture Unplugged launches four online film festivals with personal, inter-personal and transpersonal contemplative focus. Each festival runs for a period of six months. The primary themes explored through these festivals are :
Humanity (interior + exterior manifestations);
Earth (present and perennial relationship with her);
Consciousness (the eternal ‘that’).

The participants may choose one or all themes as their focus of learning and join for 6 months to 2 years. At present, there is no structured program in which to enroll, but the idea of study is based on the innate capacity of human beings to learn by the quest/teacher within. This need to learn is integrated within a purposeful function to help direct the quest and simultaneously discover fulfillment of soulful contribution. By supporting the festival missions pursued by the Culture Unplugged platform, this learning process is enabled.

How the purpose of ‘Study’ and the ‘Festival’ is integrated?

As mentioned above, four festivals are launched over the two-year cycle. In each festival, the participants in the organizing team invites and receives a large number of films from filmmakers across the world. They initiate the effort each festival, by doing the research on one of the three subjects mentioned above. During the research the members discover films that not only fit the theme and the mission of the upcoming festival but also, on the specific subjective categories which later enables not only him/her but also the rest of the team to study those subjects/stories. Once the films/stories are discovered, they communicate with the story.tellers/producers/distributors to invite and request them for the festival, which upon submission, arrives to different Culture Unplugged locations to be prepared for digital presentation.

The above process enables the final aim of self-learning through curation, not only for the participating member of the festival but also, global viewers who would discover the film/story to understand our world and beyond. It is during the curation phase, the participant studies each film and enters contextual data which would then further the scholastic understanding of the viewer regarding issues/topics that each film offers. The participants curating the films also benefit further by deriving the larger perspective through synthesis of several stories observed and studied from one or more festivals/theme.

Such fashion of study enables the knowledge of the world to remain dynamic and democratic in nature, where the awakened citizen (the participant), through the same effort, learns and shares what is learned, to others. This effort would require individuals who are self-initiated and wish to willfully apply spiritual dimension to our ordinary world – the ordinary consciousness. This effort certainly requires mindfulness in understanding the soul of the story and its narrator and assuring not only the due respect, but the right exposure.

The subjective categories the festivals focuses on are: