Soulful and Conscious Participants: Discover, Communicate, Curate

Do you believe,
in the power of media & communication to shift present human consciousness? Are you passionate for exploring socio-cultural issues that affects humanity today? Do you have interest in connecting with filmmakers/activists across the globe through correspondences with them? Would you find joy in identifying & curating meaningful films/media? Have you explored the world through films, books and contemplations? Have you traveled deep within your heart to discover the true nature of life? Have you been following your life purpose for past years? Is it formed by engaged spirituality spawned by clarity about the greater evolutionary direction? Do you feel joining Culture Unplugged mission will help fulfill your purpose of life? If yes, we wish to discover you.

We are in search for an individual who understands the power of media to shift human consciousness; who has already found the purpose of life and is ready to devote fully to raising awareness about present global crisis and supporting our collective evolution. For such mission, we wish to discover an individual who has experience and passion for Films/Documentaries, Internet and Spirituality. We wish to work with the one who is full of inspired energy and values truth, clarity, patience and diligence – above all, the one who finds the personal passion & purpose in the mission Culture Unplugged.

We are in search of you, who is ready to discover a family and community to belong, to not only contribute through work but also evolve through the way of being and becoming a part of us who lives and works in togetherness. We wish to discover you who aspire for simplicity and believes that no work is small or big; a compassionate, humble, mindful, peace-loving member who regards ‘working’ as the service to the Divine.

We hope you enjoy finding undiscovered films from the remote corners of the globe and bring the unheard voices and unseen images to the global gaze focused onto Culture Unplugged venue. To enable this mission, we hope you understand the necessity of leveraging not only internet but also intranet to collaborate with rest of the festival team. We hope you will patiently answer inquiries from the filmmakers and other organizations. We hope you will ensure truthfulness and soulfulness in all communications. We hope you will curate the films and enrich the associated data to help schools, universities, NGOs and other institutions streamline their search for specific films. When possible, we do hope you extend your contribution to help with any other kind of work. Above all, we wish our hope becomes your will.

Sincerity for responsibilities and meditative attention is required. Sensitivity to expression and communication details is highly valued. Enlightened world-view & wisdom certainly matters. A true aspiration to go beyond the ego-self and ability to keep alight the mission-driven passion in the self and all members, is necessary.


To initiate the process, please download this document: community_application.pdf
(This application process will require your patience and attention.)


We welcome 3-4 volunteers from around the world each year. In respect of time, we will contact you if we find your profile/expectation a fit. We thank you for your attention and interest. Applications are initially screened by the present group to determine if the volunteer may be a good fit for the program. This is followed by 2-3 Skype one-to-one calls and also a group call. The application process can take up to 3-4 weeks. Upon mutual acceptance, support documents for the Visa application will be provided. Depending upon the country of the volunteer, the Visa approval can take 1-4 weeks. Residents of the community receive simple food and lodging along with a small stipend. New volunteers joining the community are expected to support their own transportation/travel.